Friday, April 4, 2014

Fast Friday Five?

Or Five Friday Fast? Maybe Friday Fast Five.

Take your pick but here's a few random thoughts for the day --

1. This has been a newsletter week, in which we mail out an update to about 250 people who are interested in or supporters of our ministry with Wycliffe Associates.

Usually the kids and I stamp, label, stuff, and seal everything. It usually starts off organized and we try to have a nice system going. But it usually deteriorates when a couple dozen stamps get stuck in the wrong corner of the envelope. Or when the toddler decorates a stack of newsletters with a blue pen. Or when empty envelopes are sealed shut.

But this week, we added a new member to our shipping department.

It seems that my mom really expedites the whole process. In the above picture, she's actually coloring with the little ones. By the time I thought of taking her picture while working on the newsletter, she had already finished the job.

She's now the Newsletter Employee of the Month.

2. This also was the week of potty training and papier-mache'. Both have been known to lead to insanity.

We're working on a new art program from Artistic Pursuits - Sculpture. That would explain the papier-mache'.

So far, we are actually having a lot of fun. I'm glad for sunny days and John's shop - in other words, no papier-mache' in the house.

This is my two year old's "I can't believe Mom is letting me make a mess" face.

3. The construction project is nearly done. You've already seen the finished dining room. (Here is a better shot) Now John and the boys finished the front porch and it makes me happy.

. . .  Slightly before the finished picture . . . 
4. Have I told you we have four new baby kittens? Actually, they're almost three weeks old. Today I learned something important: Mama cats . . .

. . . Do not appreciate large dogs (particularly Huskies) getting close to the new litter of kittens.

Unfortunately, I was standing inches away (I'm really not exaggerating) when the fight started. There I was, peacefully hanging laundry on a lovely, sunny day, when a snarling mass of fur, teeth and claws erupted at my feet. I dropped the clothespin bag and started kicking the dog away, because, well, dog vs cat isn't really a fair fight. Until today, I'd never realized how realistic those cartoons are that show a swirl of fighting animals.

Note to self: keep Belle in her pen until the kittens are bigger and the mama is friendlier. Interestingly enough, she doesn't seem to mind Prince (the Great Pyrenees) as much as she does Belle.

You'll be glad to know the kittens were not in danger and the mama cat only suffered a scratch on her paw. Considering she has bloodied Belle's nose more than once, I'd say they are probably even.

5. Every Thursday we are involved in a homeschool co-op with about twenty other families. This semester the older four kids have been taking a theatre class during the first period and my oldest son is a wolf. So I've been experimenting with stage makeup --

And everyone wanted in on the fun . . . 

So I kept doing faces . . . 

The performance is next week and I'll tell you more about it then. But for now, I must quit, because, while it's Friday, and there are five points, this definitely hasn't been fast.

Have a great weekend!

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Lisa M said...

Love the face paints!

mrs.Rollin7 said...

Awesome face painting, your one talented momma!! ;)

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