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Replacing Or Rekeying Your Car – Which Is Better?

It is most likely that we all would have the harrowing experience of having got stranded in a car lockout for a varied number of reasons. Either we would have lost the keys, misplaced them, would have lost the car remote or damaged it somehow. Whatever the reason of the lockout may be, we would have desperately searched or hunted for the services of an auto locksmith to come to the rescue and find a solution that would make us mobile once again. For getting out of a frustrating and helpless situation like this, you most certainly need the services of an expert car locksmith who would know his trade absolutely well. Here are some of the most commonly faced problems along with the most feasible solution.

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What to do if all your car keys are lost?

A normal simple car key which is used to open your door as well is used for ignition purposes, an automobile locksmith can easily replace it. Using an appropriate mold a new key can be cut and programmed to fit the lock of your vehicle.

Is it possible to program a separate keyless remote-control entry into your car?

This is a highly technical situation and if you have the expertise of programming then only self-programming an entry into your car is possible. If you do not have any knowledge about this, it is better to call in a professional locksmith for cars who are trained and experienced and let him do a thorough and professional job.

How to find a local locksmith for cars?

Searching for reputed and certified locksmith with the required expertise is not such a challenge these days simply because of the internet. By surfing the net and typing in the required keywords along with your location, you can get the listings of a whole lot of professional car locksmiths who are good and also have a decent reputation.

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How to know if the charges are reasonable and affordable?

Most car models have different kinds of keys. The price of getting such keys remade depends entirely on the make and model of your vehicle and most often the rates list for every car is pre-decided by the company itself.

But in case your key is the variety with a transponder in it then the costs increase accordingly. The costs further increase if you have a separate key to open the car and a separate one for the ignition.

Do you get a warranty on replaced car keys?

Some reputed and known companies provide a 60-90-day replacement warranty. This usually applies to both new as well as used replacements.  It is advisable to find the necessary information related to guarantees and warranties at the time of finding out about the services as it is an important factor that needs to be considered.


How to ensure the security of your new car keys?

To be absolutely certain that your car will not be tampered or stolen, because of the duplicate set of keys getting into wrong hands as well, most people get the entire locking system changed, especially if your car is a high-end model and also if it a new purchase too. But in case you plan to get a new set made, you must ensure that are the checks and balances are looking into that will ensure your keys do not fall into the hands of thieves and criminals.